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Shroom Edibles For Sale.

Shroom Edibles Online! Buy Magic Mushroom Edibles, shroom gummies, mushroom gummies, shroom chocolate, chocolate mushroom or mushroom chocolate and shroom chocolate bars from psychedelic sale store and get the amazing taste and experience of quality Magic Mushroom Edibles.

Best way to eat shrooms

Magic mushroom edibles are one of the best ways to eat shrooms. With its sweet and trippy feeling, it is the best recommendation for mushroom starters.

How long do edibles last

Mushroom edibles are to be stored in the refrigerator. Don’t use plastic wrappers as they could break down the edibles, ruining the consistency and flavor. Expiry dates are always on the magic mushroom packs.

Buy shrooms

Order now and do not miss this medicated, sweet and trippy experience.


Wanna feel like a kid in a candy shop? Cause we know just how to make that happen.

Our Magic Mushroom Gummies packs a total of 3000mg with each piece of candy containing 250mg (12 pieces of gummies) – allowing for flexible and on-the-go dosage. Not to mention these gummies taste much better than eating raw mushrooms.

Magic of our Gummies:
  • Great Taste – A pack of gummies that makes you trip your face off. How could that not be the dream?
  • Clean High – We formulated these gummies to produce a clean high that won’t leave you crashing after the initial peak.
  • True Psychedelic Experience -Just cause it doesn’t taste like mushrooms doesn’t mean it’s not mushrooms. You won’t find any drop in the quality of your trip, in fact, you may even decide to switch to edibles!
  • Sneaky – Sure, Magic Mushrooms are legal in Canada but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to be seen stuffing your face with them. For those who want to keep it classy and discrete, chewing on some gummies is the way to go.
  • Versatile Dosage – Each piece contains approximately 250mg of Magic Mushrooms, allowing you to choose exactly how high you want to get. Whether it’s a microdose or a full-on journey, these gummies have got you covered.


Mushroom Gummies