High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts

cannabis concentrates online

What is High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts?

cannabis concentrates online

The evolution of the cannabis industry has been interesting to watch over the past decade. Botanists have crafted highly potent strains that are nearly unrecognizable to someone who hasn’t seen cannabis since the hippie movement. The industry took THC potency to another level by revolutionizing hash into the modern concentrates we enjoy today. While experiencing the effects of THC have always been at the forefront of cannabis culture, new compounds have recently emerged, giving connoisseurs the choice of varying experiences.

Combining the effects of THC, other cannabinoids, and terpenes allows the cannabis user to cater to their experience. When getting as high as possible was once the goal, we now see a rise in CBD flower and concentrates designed to do more than melt faces.

Cannabis is a diverse plant with more to offer than just THC. We are excited to see where the industry goes in the next decade. One of the most recent advancements to cannabis delivery systems is the HTFSE or high terpene full spectrum extracts.cannabis concentrates online

To get a complete understanding of the term, we have first to break down each component of the new trend.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are oils found in the glands of all plants. They are naturally produced to deter predators or attract pollinators. Plants use terpenes to help them survive and continue their reproductive cycles.

Ancient cultures have utilized the essential oils found in plants as natural remedies for thousands of years. Cannabis researchers have found over 200 different terpenes in the plant; each has its own unique property and benefits.

Extracts with high terpenes are a new trend in the industry. As we learn more about cannabis due to legalization, consumers become aware of the many compounds beyond THC that influence the overall experience.

While still a highly debated subject in the cannabis community, many cannabis researchers believe terpenes play a crucial role in delivering the effects we categorize as indica or sativa. The effects of cannabis were once thought to be determined by the plant’s physical attributes; we learn that the chemical composition is a much better way of determining the benefits.

Terpenes play a considerable role in the effects of cannabis. We expect HTFSE to gain in popularity and solidify its position as one of the hottest products new products in the industry.

The Benefits of Full Spectrum Extracts cannabis concentrates online

Full-spectrum means the manufacture left as much of the beneficial cannabis compounds in the extract as possible. We see this term used often in the CBD industry to describe oil with an array of cannabinoids and terpenes as opposed to isolate CBD products. The same concept is true for the recreational and medical marijuana industry; however, products like HTFSE have far more THC than the legal limit for hemp-derived CBD.

What is a HTFSE?

High terpene full-spectrum extracts contain up to 40% terpenes and 50% THCa depending on the plant’s composition. Because of the high terpene potency, consumers enjoy a tasty hit with a completely different high than traditional THC extracts. HTFSE is most commonly in the form of a liquid substance known as sauce.

While 50% THC isn’t up to par with other types of marijuana extracts, 50% THC is still enough to make veteran cheefers tap out after one hit. Most extracts have a terpene potency level of about 1%, overwhelming the user with the effects of THC instead of delivering the high assisted by other plant compounds. Many users are finding the results much more appealing. They also have the freedom to choose from an uplifting or sedating high instead of degrees of intoxication.

What are Terpenes?
Macro detail of cannabis concentrate HTFSE extracted from medical marijuana isolated over white on a dabbing tool

Types of HTFSE Products

HTFSE is most commonly consumed with a dab rig or vape. The runny consistency makes it hard to top off a bowl or roll into a blunt. An HTFSE cartridge can be ordered for delivery in the LA area. This form of consumption is efficient, clean, and delivers a balance of beneficial cannabis compounds.

HTSFE sauce is the substance in the raw form. Most people choose to dab the extract, but it can be used in a number of administration methods as long as you are adding heat. Adding HTFSE to an edible won’t deliver the effects you are looking for because it consists of THCa, the non-intoxicating, acidic form of THC. Users looking for the euphoric effects of the cannabinoid have to add heat, decarboxylating, or activating the compound. Once THCa is exposed to heat over 350 degrees Fahrenheit, it can bind with CB1 receptors and deliver psychoactive effects.

High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract

HCFSE is a sauce that contains much more THCa. During the extraction process, HCFSE materializes into concentrated crystals known as THC diamonds, suspended in terp sauce. THC diamonds are nearly pure THCa; HTFSE extracts contain about 90% THC in total with much lower terpene potency levels than HTFSE.

How to Make HTFSE?

High terpene full-spectrum extracts are created using the closed-loop system. The extraction method keeps solvents from being exposed to open air by containing them in a closed-loop. The solvents are sprayed into a containment chamber and recovered with a vacuum pump, then returned into the solvent tank so they can be used again.

The closed-loop extraction method is the most economical and environmentally friendly way to separate cannabinoids from the original plant.

TKO Extracts HTFSE Sauce 1000mg

High terpene full-spectrum extracts are the latest evolution in the medical and recreational cannabis industry. To get the best HTFSE experience, we recommend TKO extracts. They have a variety of cannabis concentrates to choose from, including edibles, extracts, and carts. TKO extracts HTFSE Sauce 1000mg is the most efficient way to enjoy cannabis synergy. Buying from TKO extracts ensures the highest quality available with abundant amounts of cannabis terpenes and THCa. Don’t settle for the industry standard, buy from TKO extracts and experience the future of cannabis consumption.

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